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a creative technology and experience design studio.
Coincidentally, both founders were born in the same day!
As you might guess, 27th of June.

However, we are experts in totally different industries. Pawimol Samsen is a creative person while Chayanon Tocharoen is a tech geek.

27JUNE Studio is a Bangkok-based multidisciplinary design studio where technology and design are synchronised to create an immersive experience. We do projection mapping, creative coding, AR, VR, interactive art, performance art and more. It might seem like we are all about tech, however, we are not a tech company. We believe that technology is just a medium for us to communicate with people. We like to express ourselves through immersive experiences and create a space for people to speak, play, share, and express themselves. In other words, people are at the centre of our work.

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