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Driving to you (2021)

Driving to you is commissioned by genie records, a famous music company in Thailand. The project is to illustrate the lyrics of the song from Three Man Down band into art installation. We are assigned to the song which talks about a man trying to drive a car to reach the woman that he loves. Unfortunately, he is unable to make it as she is not there for him anymore.

Therefore, the volumetric light structure moving towards the driver(or participant) provided driving experience, as people will feel like they are moving toward through the lights. Also, the racing cockpit simulator (the same one that is used for racing game) are transformed into controllers, allowing participants to control the speed with an accelerator and the colours of the light by rotating the wheel.

Year 2021
at Siam Center


Pawimol Samsen

Experience Designer

Chayanon Tocharoen

Creative Technologist

Three man down
Music Band
Genie Records


#projection mapping



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